Saturday, July 19, 2003

Human Stupidity Never Fails To Entertain Me 

I'm back! oh yeah, fresh back from the Foo Fighters show and i'm still wet. Not that wet ladies, but we all know what you were thinking. Anyways i'll get right to the night.

First, once Mike and I got to the show, got patted down by the security and once i had bought two (yes two) concert t-shirts (no shirt hell for a little while...) we were ready to go in. First of the night we had "My morning Jacket". Go find their music, go buy their album, these boys from kentucky were amazingly good for a band that opens for another opening band. Either way the coolest part of their set was when the lead singer knocked over the mic's for the cymbals. No roadies were running to put the mic back up, so Dave Grohl just booted from the side of the stage, where he was hiding and put the mic back up. You know that you're good friends with the foo fighters when your stage hand goes by the name dave, has the coolest arm tattoo's and plays in his own band...

Then we got Pete Yorn. And i might like to start with an update for all those peoples that saw Pete at the Weezer show last year. The fat guy with the wicked cool rhinstone belt was back tonight. And still getting jeered from the crowd. Ok on to Pete. Wow! one word, this man has made major improvements since last year. He's better, or atleast looks more comfortable on stage. Played my favorite song -- closet (third to boot), played all the songs i wanted to hear, and i'm happy i can now walk around campus during the fall wearing this shirt. Interesting side note. One of the people on the stage taking equipment away after pete played through a water bottle with the set list taped to it out into the crowd. I got half the set list (the first 5 songs or so), i looked for the person with the other half, it was a pretty looking girl. Now she's a pretty little girl with both pieces of the set list. Don't let anyone tell you beauty won't get you anything in life.

The Foo's hit the stage at 9:30 or so (early i though, but i was an all ages show). I got this shirt, which has all the concert dates on the back, and proves that tonight was the last night of the Foo's current tour. Therefore the boys were more than happy to switch it up a little tonight. To start with we had a beer gardens at the very back of the show, it was seriously like in another room almost. So anyways Dave comes on stage and the first thing he says is "What the fuck is that" pointing in the direction of the beer gardens "Is that a fucking casino?". Later in the show he again asked what it was, and some one told him to which he responded "Oh, well thats cool, if you wanna go and get yourself a beer and then come back over here thats ok. We'll be here for a little while" Oh course wiht 5000 people between you and the beer gardens it isn't exactly easy to just hope other there for a beer and come back. I survived the first two songs in the heart of the pit, and after falling down for the second time i said "fuck it" and moved to the back of the pit, sat on the railing in front of the soundboards and had a pretty nice view for the rest of the show, also meaning i could hear all of daves banter during the songs. The best one being "this song is called 'for all the cows' and i'd like to dedicate it to all the mad cows". Before stacked actors Dave said "this one's for that fag eddie van halen". At one point dave was talking about the last time they were in edmonton (in 1999) and they played the summersault festival, dave told of story of how "Edmonton's finest" almost cancelled the foo's playing because the police thought it was too dangerous for taylor (the drummer) to drive his golf cart through the audience. Anyways the band was fantastic, their changing of the songs included an cover (the name escapes me right now) halfway through monkey wrench, with a guitar solo contest between dave and the other guitarist. That contest ended with dave dry humping his guitar into a moniter on stage. After the song was over he said "Ok, well from now on, you can tell your friends 'i was at that foo fighters show were dave whipped out his cock and humped a moniter'" no cock was seen from this boy, but you never really know with dave.

They ended the night with everlong, no ending the song until the crowd has completly sang the chorus of the song back to him. Great show, and i hope you're all no too jealous of me for getting the chance to go. Or if you hate the bands, you probably hate me too...

The title for today's rant comes from me after the show, we were waiting to get out of our parking spot, when all the other fucking cars started a honking contest of some sort. Anyways, a shit load of cars honking horns is enough for me to say "Human stupidity never fails to entertain me".

Worse joke i heard in the mosh pit waiting for the foo fighters to take the stage: What's the worst part of being a Pedophile?... Getting the blood out of the clown suit.

I did not make that joke up, someone said it and i remembered it.

I think that is all, so i'll finish my beer and go to bed, i have to umpire in 6:30 hours

Friday, July 18, 2003

I'm back! 

Ok after an entire week of no internet, we are back. I don't have a ton of time to blog today being that i'm getting ready to see the Foo Fighters at the shaw tonight. Oh baby oh baby.

I'll rant later, i'm to happy and i need to check emails right now.

and find a place to live too

Tuesday, July 15, 2003

Why my life sucks 

Ok well as of sunday night at 7pm my house as not had any internet. The main reason being the house got struck my lightning. Well to be more exact the lightning struck the telephone line going into the house but now we're just splitting hairs. So i apologize for not adding any new enteries in the past few days.

Telus says we should have the internet back tommorow or the next day, but they've been saying that for a while now and i'll believe it when i see it.

I have lots to rant about later, but for now here's a little morsel to tide you all over:

Foo Fighters on Friday... oh baby oh baby, i'm gonna kill all the 14 year olds at this all ages show
Matt Good at stage 13 told a mosh pit full of kids on a 4 day bender to bring him the huge inflatable coors light can from the other side of the field. They did. Matt commented "there's a law suit"

And most importantly, According to cnn (take their news at face value only) the america's have spend a wonderful 50 billion dollars fighting iraq so far. How exactly are they going to be able to afford all this? They could get paid back by the iraqs through oil. But that would make the americians nothing more than mercinaries. And i don't think we need power hungry mercinaries with the best weapons in the world just roaming around for work. But honestly this war has been soooo expensive. Maybe america will finance their next war with some good old classic commercial sponsership. I can see it now "you're watching the bombing of _____ via the chevy truck night vision camera -- chevy, like a rock!" now i want to kill civilians and buy fuel wasting suv's. Good thing the world is safe for another day...

More posts coming in the coming days... sorry again about the lag