Saturday, July 26, 2003

Goddam some days will just never end... 

I'm starting to think that my weekends would be better if i could just find something interesting to do. My day consisted of getting up early to find places to live. Instead my source of housing options isn't online. A housing registry at the university of alberta doesn't seem to ever be running when i'm trying to use it. For fucks sake this is a goddam university site. It's running off a university server, you'd think that the comp-sci geeks could keep the server running during the weekend. Its not like they have things to do, their nerds for gods sake. I take that back, i like nerds, i'm just pissed that this isn't working out for me.

Someone is hammering something into the wall upstairs, being that its 11pm that seems weird to me. I'm not going up to figure it out, if its important i'll figure it out on my own.

i still haven't finished reading a brave new world yet. I should have finished it days ago, but i can't stay interested in books that don't deal with sex or drugs. Ironically brave new world has both, and i still put the book down because my dog entertains me more than huxley ever can.

I'm going to rent a movie, i'll review it later, maybe magnolia. We'll see if the shitty movie place has it, they don't have a clockwork orange i know that for sure

Quote of the day: 

"it sucked so hard it made a black hole look like a hooker with a mouthful of novacaine".


Lets not start sucking each others dicks just yet... 

Name the movie this entry's title is from.

I wanna watch that movie tonight, and i just might go out and buy it today

Just for the record, or off the record 

Thought I'd say some things to Joel, his 2nd last post needs to be attended to I think. First off I'd like to say sorry for not learning my Nirvana lyrics better lol. I mean I love Nirvana, think they're awesome, but they're the last grunge band I got into. If it were Alice In Chains or Soundgarden I would've been able to probably sing a song straight through. I'm always fuzzy on the Nirvana songs and for that I feel sorry, just cause I would've liked to have sung while you played man. I enjoyed that very much. You are a good guitar player, I couldn't even play Jimmy Crack Corn if I wanted, or maybe not even Old McDonald lol. It's all good man seriously.

My big news I guess for the night is that Siobhan and I broke up after everyone left. She wanted to fly and what else can a gentleman do? She's a really great gal. But there's nothing to be jealous of my friend. I mean I do have the confidence to pull that kind of "she's mine and you all know it stuff" but you know why? Cause I know she's not mine and probably cause I've been broken so many times now that I don't care, well I do but . . . I'll put it this way. I leave myself wide open, make myself so vulnerable that I'm in fact in most ways indestructable. I seriously think the only really bad thing in relationships I have left to face is divorce. I really am terrified of the thought of that but whatever, I'm sure I'll find the right girl. But the only way I'm going to find her is with an open mind and heart. What good would I be to anyone tied up in a shell? I lived Highschool like that and I don't want to go back. But yeah Siobhan was never mine, not a fan of making anyone a possesion. I must admit I do like my gal to hang off me a little so I was disappointed in that but its not such a big deal. I'm just glad she never led me on, thats always a treat.

Thats just some of my thoughts on the subject material though. I had a blast last night either way. Singing to songs with not 1 but 2 guitarists? I've never done that and man was it fun. Next time, if there is one someday, hopefully I won't let the fact that I'm singing songs I like go to my head and I'll forget half the words. It's quite different though isn't it?

Well time to get changed, ready for war. Let the paintball games begin.

Onwards and upwards man, onwards and upwards.
So wanna guess how truely bored i was tonight. I went up stairs into the living room and found myself the only DVD i haven't seen, and that looked somewhat interesting. I ended up watching "My Big Fat Greek Wedding". Not really the type of movie i'd go out of my way to watch. But it was funny enough to keep me from drunking anymore. Which is saying more good things for that movie than normal words can do. Watching the movie was just an excuse to eat half a tub of "cookie d'uh" ice cream. HHMMmmm... i'll be carrying that ice cream for the next few hours. I figure i missed two meals today and replaced them with some well spaced out drinking, so what the hell ice cream for supper at 4:30am. I'm the pinnacle of health.

Now i'm listening to "The Joel Plaskett Emergancy - True Patroit Love". Not that you've even heard of that band...

I can't get the idea of the Last of the Horse Hummers out of my head. Can one receive head from a girl riding backwards on a horse. I'm not totally sure but i'll volunteer Allan for the testing...

Friday night, I'm feeling alright 

So i'm back, went to siobhans tonight. This would be the first time that i have drank infront of friends of mine since probably late may. I figure i should do more drinking. That would justify my contiuation of drinking that is still happening as i type. So once again Joel is drunk. I sat around a campfire this evening with others my age. All fun and games until someone cracked out the acoustic guitar. After some songs by Gavin i realized that i A) miss my own guitar and the comfort of my lonely basement, 2) He's way more talented than me, 3) He knows way more 'popular' songs than me. I mean i know shit loads of nirvana, i can play almost all weezer songs, i know some pixies and other random songs. Gavin on the otherhand knows shitloads of songs. Hell he whipped out "mr jones" like he had been playing it since he could talk and walk. Thats ok, i came home cracked two beers and picked up the trusty tele and played to my hearts content. OH baby OH baby, i'm now drunk and playing "butterfly" by weezer over and over. Telling myself "I'm still a good guitar player, I'm still a good guitar player..."

I smell like "the great outdoors". Well more like i smell "what humans make of the great outdoors", fucking campfire...

I saw Jess for the first time since some time during school last year. he had a good talk with Johan. I miss the days of high school where our conversations weren't based solely off sex (ok i lie i've been talking about sex for years). Another thing i miss is being on top of all the gossip. Now all that happens when he get together is we catch up on gossip. "did you hear this people got married... These people got eloped...". I can't decide if i want to laugh or puke when i hear shit like that. Congrads people, you're married... Hope that suits you well until dead does you part.
I find it funny that jess, johan and I all talked about our "significant others" to each other. Funny how we all don't know anything about each others boyfriend or girlfriends. I feel sorry for Jess, she hasn't seen her new beau since january. I guess that makes my situation look like childs play. I'm still just as lonely as she's gonna be tonight. There is an unbelievable lack of consilation in that statement.

Oh yeah before i forget this is a picture of that shitty house in edmonton that i will not be living in
. Note what i named the file. I'm clever, oh yes i am

I've decided if the assholes at the RIAA can come and fucking suck my balls if they think i'm going to stop "being part of the problem"
. Does anyone else get the idea that the american government is better at lieing to prove a point than actually taking care of their own fucking country. Thats my opinion, you don't have to agree with me, but the american government hasn't done shit for their own people since 9/11. Except spend american money "trying" to solve the worlds problems. Stop worrying about others and try to stop hungry and homelessness in the states. While you're at it open the border to canadian beef again. This whole thing is starting to bother me. Just eat our beef, its not going to hurt you.

I'll get back to Siobhan's get together tonight. I'm jealous of Mike and Siobhan. They live the life i wish i was living. The whole "She's mine you all know it and i don't have to hang off her like i'm afraid she's gonna run away with another guy" thing makes me jealous. If i had someone to stand beside to make myself look better i'd smile more. In other news of people who when i stand next to, Leah is im'ing me. She's stoned, i'm drunk, this should be a productive conversation, anyone on bets who falls asleep first? it was her, a three minute instant message. Not that i'm promoting the use of drugs...

Should i feel bad about all the poor people that search for porn on google and AOL and Yahoo and all they get is my page about how i should talk about porn so that i get more people to come to my blog. I laugh because i care, don't forget that.

I'm re-reading the funniest blog entry i've read in a long long time. I don't mean to be mean, but this is one of those things i might end up doing at some point in the future. The whole "But i thought it was a good idea" is a statement i plead more than i'd like to admit. I think everyone should take a quick jog over to selective thoughts. It's only a short click of the back button back to the running joke that is my life on the internet. "Anyway. If you're ever driving through the suburbs in Indianapolis and see a young lady weeping in her yard, clutching some old bush limbs in her arms, that's me. Honk if you feel my pain."

Did anyone actually ever believe that there was a link between Iraq and the 9/11 attacks? I'm thinking the connection is more along the lines of both sides cheering for the same team. That seems more likely than a clear link between the two parties. If the US starts labeling all people that dislike them as a threath to their national security they have a huge list. Probably 3 billion names long. Don't doubt that number being out of wack either. Thats only half the world. I'm not counting all the africans that don't know enough about the US to hate them...

I'm sobering up, time for bed. I'll groove to my dirty little secret (i'm still listening to Avril's Complicated) a few times more before going to bed. G'night y'all

Friday, July 25, 2003

I feel like i should have taken scuba gear... 

Holy shit!!! I'm rather upset that i drove all the way to edmonton (an hour or so) in rush hour traffic to see the shittiest looking place ever. No wonder the fucking place was under $700 a month with utilities. As my dad commented "thats the kinda place you might catch the plague". It was a fucking Dive. It was gross, crap all over the floor, the place had a couple years of dirt in it. I don't know how they are going to be able to clean that plan up enough to make it sellable. The trip wasn't a total loss i ran to another rival university and stole a housing registry off the wall (hahaha, i giggled as i ran from the building). I took only one picture of the place (link coming soon, i promise this time).

I'll probably spend the rest of the weekend on the phone calling the names i have now. Anything thats $900 is going to be my basis. I don't think under $900 is worth my time.

I'm pissed off now, i think its time to go to siobhans. I'll be back to be pissed off and throw all my anger towards this blog later tonight. I have alot on my mind, this should be a good one coming up
I'm not totally sure why oasis look so fucking sad in that picture. Maybe it's because no one likes them anymore... Well turns out i'm going to the city this afternoon to look at an apartment. It's up by skyreach center but hopefully close to the lrt. At $695 a month i may be able to live and eat, which would be a plus. I'll take thy digital camera to take picture of the place and post them somewhere on this website. Anyways i just thought i'd fill everyone in on the on going saga that shall from this point on be refered to as "Allan, Joel and Will's Housing Adventure". Oh baby oh baby this is going to be fun. The guy on the phone seemed to be having trouble handling all the english i was throwing at him. Why is it that people that can't speak english decide to run businesses in english speaking countries? Meh, not really my business. Now i'm off to shower. I doubt this guy wants to show me this place when i look like i haven't showered in a week.
So greasy, so dirty, so tired. am i turning the ladies on yet?

I didn't think so

Apparently I'm balls to the wall, just the best 

liam and noel
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So one starts to wonder, Would i look that bad if i were a famous rock and roll star? I'm pretty sure i would... Meh thats neither here nor there i guess.

I think you all should start using my comments. I didn't go through all the work of finding another comment provider (trails off mumbing...)

Thursday, July 24, 2003

I have new comments!!!! 

Ok, i have a new comments thing going in my life now. So I'm very sorry but all comments made up to this moment in time have been lost and will never be found again. I'm very sorry, but sometimes you need to just move on. I'm now using backBlog for the comments. Many thanks to sociopathocracy for bring this to my attention. And if my comments for the comments button seem very simlular to his, i'm sorry but they made me laugh and i like the ones i've made.

Hopefully these comments will work far better than my last ones.

I've signed up for a free host at hostrocket. We'll see if i ever actually move this site over there or what. If i do i might make an automatic link from this site to a new on on hostrocket. But i don't know how to do that, so you all should tell me. I'm still deaf in the langauge of html.

Fuck you microsoft... 

Ok now that all my rage towards the evil doers at mircosoft is out, i'd like to once again recommend to my loyal readers that don't use mozilla (or netscape) to change. Please, it will help you in the long run. Almost every website runs perfectly with mozilla, minus say hotmail (operated my microsoft). Anyways i'm now to the point that i'm ready to once again move this blog to another host just so that i have the security of knowing all my readers can read everything. That is however alot of work, and i'm not totally into doing work for others. I dunno, if anyone has any really really great ideas feel free to try to use my comment botton (praise jesus if it works) or email me. I'm almost to the point of going back and using blogspot again. Can you all deal with the banner ads. Maybe; hostrocket (no banners, no pop-ups)

I'll get back to all of you

Will this just be a huge inconvience to everyone if i move my blog anymore?

Wednesday, July 23, 2003

Democacy is more theory than reality, don't believe me read this. Kudos to quantaman for the heads up. Handshakes and shifty looks all around.

So you were asking "what does Joel talk about with his friends?"... 

Allan and I were having a great conversation today. Here's the highlights:

Joel - I can't win, i seriously can't win
Allan - dain bramaged

dain bramaged: i'm back
I can't win, i seriously can't win: my life is complete
I can't win, i seriously can't win: do you want a hug for coming baclk?
dain bramaged: yes please!
I can't win, i seriously can't win: um... thats alittle to pseudo-homosexual for me...

...dain bramaged: you were being very confusing
I can't win, i seriously can't win: i am a very confusing boy as it is
dain bramaged: true
I can't win, i seriously can't win: i'm always right... you should know that by now
dain bramaged: umm, ok, so why don't you get straight nines?
dain bramaged: modesty?
I can't win, i seriously can't win: empathy
dain bramaged: ahh
I can't win, i seriously can't win: i feel sorry for those around me that aren't as smart as me
I can't win, i seriously can't win: i'm a savour for those not as smart as i am
dain bramaged: don't you mean savior? or am I just befuddled by my own ignorance
I can't win, i seriously can't win: lol
I can't win, i seriously can't win: so i can't spell, one thing i can't do
dain bramaged: nobodys perfect I suppose
dain bramaged: besides to err is human, or so I'm told (I wouldn't know)
I can't win, i seriously can't win: lol
I can't win, i seriously can't win: you're too good for your body eh?
I can't win, i seriously can't win: like you're some higher spirit trapped in a human body?
dain bramaged: exactly
dain bramaged: I had a dream once where I was merely a manifestation of the interaction of magnetic fields and high energy plasma, my consciousness being a construct of that complexity. I looked human but couldn't touch anything, 'cause being made of fire and all that, very weird dream it was.
I can't win, i seriously can't win: you even manage to nerd up your dreams with science... you need help
dain bramaged: this was all caused by me reading an article on /. about how intense magnetic fields were being used to controll a plasma field to create a "force field" to keep air out of a particle acellerator
dain bramaged: I know, I need therapy for my addiction to science
I can't win, i seriously can't win: lol yes, yes you do
dain bramaged: maybe I could get my tuition subsidized if I let UofA psychology students mess with my head
I can't win, i seriously can't win: (})
I can't win, i seriously can't win: is that the hug i owe you from before?
dain bramaged: aww ({)
I can't win, i seriously can't win: maybe... that'd be cool if the psychology people messed wiht my head
I can't win, i seriously can't win: allan, don't touch me
dain bramaged: I guess I should stop stroking my monitor then too..
I can't win, i seriously can't win: creepy...
dain bramaged: that's my middle name
I can't win, i seriously can't win: very very creepy, although i'm glad you're not "stroking" something else
I can't win, i seriously can't win: Link
I can't win, i seriously can't win: check this carrot
dain bramaged: that's too funny
dain bramaged: well endowed carrot
I can't win, i seriously can't win: very well endowed
dain bramaged: that would go down to his knee, proportionally speaking
I can't win, i seriously can't win: yeah, thanks for figuring that out for me
dain bramaged: I'm the master, just don't ask for refrences ;)
I can't win, i seriously can't win: you figure out penal lenght all the time? I never knew this side of you before
I can't win, i seriously can't win:
I can't win, i seriously can't win: figure this one out
dain bramaged: that would really hurt the recipient of his love
I can't win, i seriously can't win: lol, at least you're looking out for your ass...
dain bramaged: always
I can't win, i seriously can't win: lol
dain bramaged: I don't want it to feel like this when I'm done
I can't win, i seriously can't win: how would getting your ass rammed with something the width of a telephone phone cause your ass to shoot fire?
dain bramaged: I said feel like, the burn, not the actual flames
dain bramaged: all that friction causes chaffing
I can't win, i seriously can't win: why wouldn't you lube that prick up first? you're really a sadist eh?
dain bramaged: lube is for pussies
dain bramaged: besides I can't afford an eight gallon drum of ky
I can't win, i seriously can't win: you really like that kinda chaffing... if might end up damaging some intestines...
I can't win, i seriously can't win: lol
dain bramaged: I'm pretty sure with something that big it might pop out the other side, if you know what I mean
I can't win, i seriously can't win: lube is for pussies? you don't have much sex unless its with really really sweaty men or very turned on women eh?
dain bramaged: exactly
I can't win, i seriously can't win: lol
I can't win, i seriously can't win: i still can't get a mental image of you saying "lube is for pussies"
dain bramaged: I still can't get a mental image of me surviving an assraping with that thing
I can't win, i seriously can't win: you would definatly "get your shit pushed in" with that
dain bramaged: seriously
dain bramaged: it would be difficult to explain to the er doctors
I can't win, i seriously can't win: it would, until you brought in the cock
I can't win, i seriously can't win: and were all 'Ummm so this is what was used"
dain bramaged: it would be funny just to see the doctors faces, the hideous ass pains aside
I can't win, i seriously can't win: hideous ass pain... great way to describe it...

...dain bramaged:
dain bramaged: weird
dain bramaged: nevermind that link to a thong
dain bramaged: I put it into the wrong trillian window
I can't win, i seriously can't win: thanks, now i know what you'
I can't win, i seriously can't win: re looking at
dain bramaged: I think it would spice up my decor, just casually hanging from some piece of furniture
I can't win, i seriously can't win: you bet
I can't win, i seriously can't win: i have no problem with thong in the living room, now Will on the other hand...
dain bramaged: imagine the looks on peoples feces when I tell them its mine...
dain bramaged: faces, feces don't usually give looks
I can't win, i seriously can't win: lol
I can't win, i seriously can't win: freudian slip
dain bramaged: yes, I'm soo into scatophila
I can't win, i seriously can't win: um...
I can't win, i seriously can't win: scatophila... thats being addicted to what again?
dain bramaged: scatophilia is the love or passion of feces or people shitting
I can't win, i seriously can't win: nice
dain bramaged: I should make a word-of-the day calendar
I can't win, i seriously can't win: once again, sex in the bathroom: ok. Sex including the throwing of feces around the bathroom: not ok
dain bramaged: we should have rules for the apartment posted, that being one of them
I can't win, i seriously can't win: lol
dain bramaged: sort of bizarro world ten commandments, but this time we don't set out to break them all
I can't win, i seriously can't win: can i include screamers?
I can't win, i seriously can't win: like, NO girls that scream past 2am
dain bramaged: sure
I can't win, i seriously can't win: No spunking on the couch
dain bramaged: or "no girls screaming after 2am unless gagged with a sock"
I can't win, i seriously can't win: ok, i like that better
dain bramaged: spunk on couch is a definite no
I can't win, i seriously can't win: no sex in the kitchen, unless you use a coaster
I can't win, i seriously can't win: we can have the coolest rules
dain bramaged: so much more interesting than the lister ones that's for sure

Good Evening, We've got a really big Show here tonight 

Well I'd be the other user Joel mentioned. I'd also be the Mike from work he mentions the odd time. I thought it was nice of him to offer the opportunity to write here so I took it. People of intellect should stick together. Which brings me to my thoughts on last nights arguement with a couple of the ladies.

The whole marriage thing Joel mentioned. How sad is it to take that view? Time is an investment? Sure maybe I guess, you put time into something you want it to end up being good or gettting something from it, I mean I don't like having my time wasted. But to be so demanding as to expect a ring and a piece of paper signed just cause you've spent a couple years together? Its just sad, why take that view? Really its not about the time, its about the effort you put into the time you share with someone. It's about the memories and all the good and bad times that go with it. I look at it this way, if you had 2 options in your entire existance, you could live for a year and have mediocre or miserable days the whole year, or you could live for a day, have the best day ever, be happy and in love, what would you take?

It's freaky like Joel said, where is the love? If you're with someone for 4 years, 6 years or however long, shouldn't you trust them enough already to think that they'll probably end up spending the rest of your life with them? Or most of your life? If you don't, what the hell are you thinking or doing then? Very few things last forever in this world, probably comes with being mortal, but reguardless I'm not just some fucking sugar daddy ladies, or somebody here to tell you how attractive you are. You know you look good if you do. *Sigh* sadly I'm sure I'll end up spoiling whoever I date (all related to the effort you put into the time you share) and give out massive amounts of compliments. I'm dating Siobhan right now and its not hard to compliment her so at least I have that part licked.

But its supper time now and its probably pointless to drag this thing out since Carri is kinda the one who started it and she's just nuts about getting hitched. I'd like to ask her though "Is it the ring you want? Or Scott?" I wonder if that would make her rethink things a little. Probably not.

Fresh blood, still warm bodies and other reasons i should scare you 

I might has just signed up another member to the Eyes Spies and Lies team. Being that i'm the only member as it stands right now. Anyother opinions on this webpage would be greatly enjoyed by all.

Yeah, thats all

More news to come

Now I'm afraid of relationships again... 

OK, now what was said tonight at the table during lunch was very unnerving to me at the very least. Here's what went down... if there are any ladies out there in the ether that want to clear this up it would be greatly appriecated.

The three girls (Carri, Siobhan, and Christy) were talking about relationships. Carrie (who is 23, or so) is basically engaged to her current beau (lives across the street from me named Scott). Anyway all Carrie wants is a ring on her finger. Mike and I (representing the males of the world) just told her to ask Scott herself if its so goddam important to her. Anywho she dismissed that idea with the whole "That's not how it works". Ok so anyways Carri starts telling a story about how a friend of hers actually demanded her boyfriend a ring by the end of the summer (last year) or she'd break up with him. This started a conversation about the time people put into relationships. Actually it boiled right down to, "if a guy is with a girl for a long time, he owes her an engagement ring". Which got a big WTF out of me. I'm mister anti-marrage himself.
Is this how it really works? If a guy dates a girl for a couple of years he owes her a ring, for time invested in him. Like any investment there is always a chance or failure, or loss. The same goes for relationships. It's almost like these girls want the marrage so that if things so sour they can get at least half the guys stuff to make it even for all the time and energy they put into him.
Thanks girls... way to make a guy feel loved. "Well you better perform, or i'm leaving" Is this how women actually feel. Am i going to have to cross this bridge at some point? This scares me to say the least.

Tuesday, July 22, 2003

Best quote of the day:

"When it comes right down to it, Guns don't kill people, Physics kills people"

J-lo's ass and other things that would bring more people to my site 

I tell you, if i had pictures of J-lo in some sweet low rise jeans on this site, i'd have like hundreds of people visiting every goddam day. But i don't... So all you people that were searching for J-lo's ass, or beyonce's dancing in her new video. Now i dunno if you've seen it or not. Well the better question would be have you been watching Much Music lately, if so, you've seen it. Anyways the song's addictive, and i just can't get that image of her looking like feebie from friends out of my head. Cut your fucking bangs!!!!! Ok, and Jay-Z is the luckiest guy i can't think of right now. I mean other than Justin Timberlake. Any guy that nails britney deserves my respect. He made it seem so easy. Not that getting britney naked would be hard or anything, there has got be be more material in the shirt i'm wearing than in what she normally wears infront of the camera. In other nearly naked pop singers news, mattel is going to sponser Christina "I might as well be getting bukkake'd in front of a live audience" Aguilera's next tour. Perhaps we can all hope for barbie dolls that look like Christina in everyway. Then just then we won't run into crappy knock off photo's of some girl... not that i'd know.

I'm still wondering about the squeak mystery

i fear the year 2011... 

Do you know how many rock stars have died at age 27? i'll give you a clue: "most influential rock band of the 90's"

Nirvana - Kurt Cobain
Jimi Hendrix
The Doors - Jim Morrison

In other really really wierd news, Jack White of "The White Stripes" just survived that cursed year... to be in a car accident that broke 3 fingers on his left hand (no guitar for months). Day of the car accident? His 28th birthday... weird. Even weirder, what he wrote about it.. Kudos to simon at No Rock and Roll Fun for bringing this to my attention.

I have the squeak... 

My left boot now squeaks. I know this probably has no bearing on your day to day life, but it's the biggest news in my life. I can't believe that my boot just starting making noise. Every time i lift my foot i hear it, borring a hole in my brain. AAAAAHHHHHhhhh!!!!!!

I was thinking if the squeaking was caused by a loose shoe insole. I really don't know, it has just started all of a sudden. Almost like my boot caught it like some teenage STD... "the squeak". My boot has been unfaithful with rightie and now god has smitten leftie with "the squeak". I don't know what i have to do to get the squeak to go away. Do you have any ideas?

Monday, July 21, 2003

Nickelback, Limp Bizkit, and other reasons rock sucks 

Ok, so last friday at work John, Mike and myself got into quite the forum about rock music nowadays. To make any sense out of this you have to remember that John is totally absolutely insane. He's so weird he can't even explain himself to others. Sometimes he's the meanest mofo on the block, other times (rarely) he's this normal guy thats totally disillutioned by rock music today. Which puts him in the same catagory as me, and even mike.

We started this conversation because Mike and I were going the Foo Fighters some the next night. John was saying that he wouldn't mind going to see the show if he didn't have to work, or pete yorn wasn't opening. For some reason John hates pete yorn, probably because johns still waiting for the incarnation of Kurt Cobain to come back and save us hopeless souls from the shit we are subjected to these days. Sorry to all those fans of nickelback, but they are not rock. They aren't really even close. If anything they are ripping off Pearl Jam (not a band to copy). Here's the difference to those that don't understand why nickelback sucks to fucking much. Pearl Jam has something intelligent to say, their lyrics have some value. Nickelback isn't singing about anything important. "how you remind me" doesn't even get passed the fucking breakup. If that was a pearl jam song eddie would have something more intelligent to say than that he got dumped and stop thinking about the damn girl. I'm just saying, if you're gonna write rock songs, please for rocks sake, say something smart.

Nowadays we have a number of bands that are running towards the same goal of saving rock. I'm not including ANY of the shitty Canadian bands that much music and the bear are required to play for the canadian government relegulations. So Theory of a dead man is not a rock band, neither is default, sum 41's a punk band (thats different) and simple plan is as bad as nickelback and all that other shit so we won't refer to them either. I'm talking about bands like the strokes, and most importantly the white stripes. The white stripes have the best sound of any resent rock bands. Jack White is the most talented guitarist with a major label contract. The problem with Jack is, and simply said, he plays to many styles of music at the same time. I mean don't get me wrong, i love the guys guitar work, but its hard for us mortals to understand why he's blending blues, folk and rock all at the same time. Dude, you can do blues and rock or folk and blues, but three styles at one time by one man just blows circuits in my head. I'm so very proud that Jack has totally fallen off the wagon again. The man is smoking again (woo hoo), and he's weird, like really really wears the same colors everyday weird. That and the fact that you'd think that a rock band would want to use the best equiment possible at any cost, the white stripes were able to make their latest album for under $20,000. Which is amazing considering that includes the cost to fly meg and jack to england and pays for the stuido (were the beatles recorded abbey road). The strokes on the other hand are doing that new york city "we're fucked on all kinds of drugs and don't give a damn" thing going. Which seems to work for the boys from new york. Only thing, sorry guys but you tired to hard for the first album. There isn't any hope in hell for you to even match the work you did on your first. If you do, you'll get my vote for next big thing.

Which brings me to my next subject. To many rock bands try to hit it big off their first album. Nirvana made bleach as their first album, and it isn't anywhere close to the brilliance shown on nevermind. I think a rock band needs to make an album the first time their way, that way they understand that you need another person on the payroll to make a good record. All my favorite bands made albums before hitting it big; Matt Good - last of the ghetto astronauts, Nirvana - bleach, The white stripes - de stijl, radiohead - pablo honey. I just want everyone to stop wanting a band to come out of thin air with an album that holds its own to nevermind.

Then again i'm listening to weezer's pinkerton right now and i still believe that this album to just full of gold. "holy cow, i think i got one here, now just what i suppost to do, i got a number of irrational fears, thats i'd like to share with you". This album is hemorraging weakness and emotion. "cuz i burning candle in your gental mind, could you learn to lick a little bit kinder?" not to mention the entire butterfly song or el scorcho.

Stop listening to your nirvana albums all day and all not, insulting all bands that don't match up to them. Start listening to the best the present has to offer. May i recommend: radiohead - hail to the thief, anything by the gorillaz, blur - think tank, because i'm starting to think that the next big rock album is going to sound more like radiohead than nirvana. Or maybe radiohead is the next big thing. Could a band that admits to not making songs as much as making noise be a bunch of rock stars? Kurt always believed it was the emotion thats more important than musical ability. Then again you don't have to listen to me, i still listen to Nada Surf.
I think i have some serious problems with the wireless internet in my house. See right now, i can't connect to the internet with my laptop. I don't know why, i could connect yesterday. But today, i got nothing. I've been playing around with it, trying different things, i go into the network connections and i see that the "internet" is disabled. So i click on it, and select "enable". My computer goes off and does its own thing, after a few seconds it goes from saying "connecting" to internet connected, then i go back to the internet connnection in the network places and it still says that its disabled. Why? wtf do i have to do to get this to work. I restarted my computer, i turned my modem off for 30 secs and restarted it, i did pretty much everything i can think of, and still no internet.
So i broke down and started my other computer, who has the internet, and i resumed my life of blogging useless things into my the internet. I'm angry because really the only reason i have the laptop is for its wireless internet.

Ok, i'm done ranting about the internet not working on my laptop, its back. I now feel sheepish. although i realize that i didn't have to blog about how the internet wouldn't work and now all of a sudden it does work

Anyways.... back to the laptop

Sunday, July 20, 2003

Lazy sunday afternoon 

So it's 5 on a sunny sunday afternoon. I have to work in a few hours (depending on overtime or not) but i was thinking to myself, boy it would be nice to not have to pay for school. Like back in high school, all the money i earned during the summer was my own to spend on stupid things like underage drinking and leather jackets. Whereas now all i have is just enough money to go to school and not enough money to feed myself while at school. I guess i could say i was going to go on a diet, that way i could convince myself that it's for the better than i only eat once a day. I think i'll start fattening myself up at home here for the rest of the summer, munch on a stick of butter, drinking the grease from cooking bacon, it's all the small things that make life interesting.
Alright, i'm probably not going to drink hot grease, i'll wait for it to cool down, not to the point of solidification (i don't want to waste presious calories chewing) but not boiling hot so that it burns me.
I swear i lost like 10 pounds in that last two weeks. Considering that i sweated like a fucking pig for 2 days this weekend in the sun, and all the sweat i lost in the pit on friday, i gotta be down 5 pounds in water there alone. Now i haven't been eating well, theres a couple of pounds and i've been moving around all last week because the internet was down in my house and i had nothing to do but do something another pound or two there.
So now i'm vegging in the sun, blogging outside making sure that my tummy turns the same color of atleast my legs. Drinking a beer (don't tell the bosses at work) and eating cookies. Cookies are a meal, don't let anyone tell you otherwise. So i'm telling myself i'm well on my way to putting a few pounds on, because at 6 foot something and a solid 140lbs i'm skin, bones and enough muscle to get me through work each night.

Oh well, if this getting fat thing doesn't work out, i can always quit school, start a rock band, do coke everynight and look like dave grohl back in the nivana days "I only do coke for its dieting advantages" thats what i can tell myself...

oh, and once again, if anyone out there has a place for me and biogeek and (That crazy Jew) Will to live let me know. i won't be mad at you for taking away the fun of finding a place to live.

and another thing, read biogeek's fucking journal, not enough of you do, and if you don't there just might be this nerdy guy that knows everything standing at your front door knocking morse code to you... and it won't be me. If you read it you might learn something, and aren't we all reading these blogs to learn something?
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