Saturday, August 02, 2003

I'm house sitting 

I got signed up to house sit tonight. Some friends of the family had a wedding this afternoon and they wanted someone to stay at the house and guard the wedding presents. So, here i am guarding away, with keyboard underhand.

Still no Will, which isn't making me feel any better. We absolutely need to get will to fill out the application, if no will, no house, this really sucks

Anyway i'll be posting probably all night, i'm watching the cfl football game on cbc ottawa. Thank god for satillite.

ok i'm nervous 

I don't often get nervous. Before playing my guitar in front of a bunch of drunk peers of mine last year i was nervous. This housing thing, is just making me even more nervous. I hate this, i just want to get this over with. Give me the place, i'll pay my money and just give me the piece of mind that everything is under control.

Things are going fine, My application is completed, Allan's application is done too. It's just Will that we're waiting on. He's got until saturday afternoon to email me, or call me. After that i'm going to have a complete nervous breakdown and i might start forging his application. I need to get this place... i'd kill to get this place. Won't you let me kill... ok i'll stop, i'm even scaring myself.

I'll give a proper rundown of all the details i remember. First off there are 3 girls that live up stairs and 1 guy that lives in the basement. 3 bedrooms: small, medium and Joel's love palace (the master bedroom). The bathroom has both tub and shower (separate from each other, but in the same room) and a full wall of mirror. Which is cool i guess. The living room which is at the front of the house is huge, and has a really nice south facing window (rather large too, largest in the house). Great i hear for plants, from the prevous tenents...

There are washer and dryer (free to use) in the basement (separate from the other guys living place). Also down there is the hot water tank (which will be replaced my move in) and another hot water tank for the upstairs people too. The house is heated by hot water so "no windows open in the winter, or the pipes will freeze and in turn a) break and b) the house will be freezing cold. The cost of the utilities are shared from the whole house with the 7 people. The girls up stairs are "tree huggers" and keep the bill low during the winter.

The kitchen has two huge storage spaces (side by side) that can house food. There are cupboards above the stove and fridge and sink for dishes. There is this funky 3 inch ledge running the length of the kitchen wall on one side that is about 6 feet off the floor. Has no purpose, i see collecting beer bottles in it's near future. The fridge looks nice (newer and clean) and the owner said he's putting in a different stove in the coming weeks. The kitchen also has a dishwasher, which pretty much solidified that fact that i want the place.

Laundry line outside if we get nice weather (or really really cheap). The one car garage is ours, which makes not difference because none of us have a car. There's a telephone line in everyroom, a cable wire in the living room and coat room as well along with shitloads of storage space. I dunno if there's really anything else. It's better than i expected when i started this search for a house.

White walls, white/grey/black carpet, black tiles on the floor in the bathroom, lino i think in the kitchen. Its all good...

Please please please let me get this place

thanks for listening

Friday, August 01, 2003

The house... 

The drawing of the house (done with pencil, sorry its light)

Thats my shitty drawing of the house.

I went to go look at it, it kicks ass.

I hope i get it

that is all

Welcome to August 

August is upon us, which means one thing, i start shipping out christmas shit this week. Well to be honest we've been shipping the early christmas orders for 2 weeks now. But its only going to pick up from now on. I suppose the more pressing issue in the business world would be the whole back-to-school shopping extravaganza. Where every store whores its self out into the world hoping the praying that some brat cries to mommy "i totally NEED the new nike binder" or "If i don't get these $10 pens i'm going to be ostracized from my circle of friends." Oh i love everything about shopping and the economy from now right up until january... yeah...

Well i can't stop the clock, so i might as well join it. I'm going to bed, i have to wake up early to that i make it to the city on time. Today is a big day.

I will not get my hopes up, i will not get my hopes up, i will not get my hopes up...

Thursday, July 31, 2003

Jack White, we need to have a talk. 

Dear Jack White,

So the latest news is that you pulled the plug on the Reading and Leeds Festivals. Ok, thats understandable you have a couple broken fingers. If i had a couple broken fingers i'd probably have to not play as well. But you see that isn't really whats my problem. My problem lies with you personality. I mean, sure i've never met you. So all i can do is judge you from interviews, and live performances, and photo shoots, and my personal favorite, the messages you write us on your message board over on your website.

Now please, you gotta understand that i'm a huge fan of your music. It's probably the best music to come from a "major" label band since the mid ninties. But seriously, are you really as messed up as you seem. I know all about the parallels between your music career and the career of Kurt Cobain. So lets get a few things straight right now. Kurt had psycologial problems, he was just plain messed up from the beginning. Yet throughout his career Kurt never really went out of his way to seem weird to the media. Sure he regularly smashed equipment and had nervous breakdowns, but really that doesn't make him weird. He was addicted to heroin, which caused most of the media attention in his life. That and he was the spokesman for the early ninties (gen-x) teen angst movement. But we all know how happy Kurt was about that; stressing his opinion in the opening lines of In Utreo "Teenage angst has paid off well, Now i'm bored alone". Kurt was different, but he tried to hide it.

You Jack, aren't really a spokesperson for any movement. Well maybe the garage band revival movement, but that isn't really anything more than a bunch of nerd and geeks playing math rock. However you seem to go out of your way to be weird. Hell you always wear red, black, or white, or some combination of those colors. You recorded your last album for what, a couple thousand dollars. You even recorded it with guitars and amps and shit from the 60's. What's up with that. That's just being weird. You write the most twisted fucked up things on your website too. Referencing monkeys made no sense in your open letter to the fans about the car accident. You seem to be going out of your way to be weird. Now i really would have no problem with this if you didn't complain about the media following you like a lost puppy. Geez man, you're almost as interesting as Marilyn Manson. Thats why the media follows you, you create a story everytime you write something exceptionally weird, or do something that no one else would do. Case and Point: Who the hell was the huge black guy you had on stage with you when you played Conan? Did you need him there? Where you afraid that Conan was going to touch you? And you dressed him up just like you. Thats fucking weird man.

I mean, i love your music, you're super talented, just don't throw all that away because you're so weird and out of this world the you alienate yourself from the rest of the music world. Help us mortals that don't understand what it's like to be Jack White. You look like you haven't slept in like 2 years. I'm just trying to be selfish here so that you live lond enough to come to Edmonton (thats in Canada, the big friendly nation to the north of you) so that i can see you perform. Thats all i want, i missed Nirvana, i missed soundgarden, i'm missing the strokes, you need to come up here so that i can say in a couple of years, "Yeah i saw the white stripes and they kicked ass". Can you make that happen? That would be great. Now if you don't mind i'm going back to "Dead leaves and the dirty ground"

From one concerned music fan to another,

Star Wars Kid 

Ok, we all need to take a moment and thank the Star Wars Kid for making his video. I mean, yes it is mean to laugh at the kid. Yes he possibly might be a little over weight, and yes he does get winded after each move and has to take a break. But... all those things considered, he did try. Oh and try he did, he put a tonne of effort into his starwars moves. This kid, who happens to be canadian, is now suing the 4 students who posted the movie on the web. Suing for $225,00. Claiming psycological damages and all that jazz. I think this kid should be cheered and thanked. All the kids that watch this movie are nerds anyways. They need a spokes person who has the balls to do what they want, regardless of physical limitations.
Now the actual video is kinda sad. The remix, oh baby oh baby, thats where the moneys at. The remix has lights and sounds and all sorts of shit. Lucas needs to give this kid a cameo in the next starwars movie. Just because he's so damn scarred by this whole thing. Call it paying off the devil for your own stupidity. Lucas is evil, this kid is innosent, its a match made in heaven.

So take a moment and watch the video. Its really really funny.

It's like an email you didn't get 

I stole this from Selective Thoughts, sorry jen, but i can't pass this up

01) First grade teacher's name: Fucked if i know, probably could look it up that would be too much work
02) Last words you said: "Fuck!" right after slamming my knee into my desk
03) Last song you sang: The Good Life - Weezer
04) Last person you hugged: Elizabeth, about 3 months ago... i don't like being touched
05) Last thing you laughed at: Mike's comment about skull fucking
06) Last time you said I love you: 2 weeks ago on the phone
07) Last time you cried: um... i can't remember, probably when elizabeth left
08) What's in your CD player: House: Weezer - pinkerton, Car: Foo Fighters - the color and the shape (oh i love that cd...)
09) What color socks are you wearing: No socks, socks are for losers...
10) What's under your bed?: a couple thousand dollars worth of guitars in cases just begging to be played.
11) What time did you wake up today: 8pm, i work nights
12) Current taste: cream cheese and stoned wheat thins (hehehe "stoned" wheat thins)
13) Current hair: Unwashed for since the start of the week, curly blonde, a complete mess
14) Current clothes: "Molson canadian games" T-shirt, dirty jeans, all still dirty from work
15) Current annoyance: My knee, it still hurts
16) Current longing: Sex... and my muse
17) Current desktop: Fallen leaves, its standard on windows xp, if you cared to know
18) Current worry: Where am i going to live in a month?
19) Current hate: My life at home
20) Current favorite article of clothing: My EATADICK shirt, see below
21)Favorite physical feature of the opposite sex: lips
22)Last CD that you bought: Weezer - blue and Deftones - (untitled)
23)Favorite place to be: Not here, not work, anywhere else is all good
24) Least favorite place: see above
25) Time you wake up in the morning: Monday - Friday: 5pm, Weekends - anyones guess
26) If you could play an instrument, what would it be: I can play all the instruments i have ever wanted to play
27) Favorite color: Orange
28) Do you believe in an afterlife? Sure, the thought of just dieing and rotting in the ground is too depressing
29) Current favorite word/saying: "thanks captain obvious"
30) Favorite books: Choke by Chuck Palanuik, Heavier than Heaven by Charles Cross
31) Favorite season: Fall, i love school
32) Favorite day: Any tuesday without work
33) Where do you want to go: New Zealand
34) What is your career going to be like: Traveling the world, or if my professional lottery winner thing works out, sitting around on my ass doing nothing all day
35) How many kids do you want: Kids? lol, none.
36) What kind of car do you have: My parents sold my car, i now drive my moms 2003 toyota corolla sport or my dads camery
37) Random song lyric: "I'm dumb she's a lesbian, i thought i had found the one"
38) Identify some things surrounding your computer: Phone, my other computer, watch, sunglasses, empty beer bottles...

Did i mention i was bored? Entertain me dammit!!

Confused i come to you for answers 

So someone was searching "matt got his cock out infront of scott" on AOL. How on gods green earth do you get that out of my site. I did the search myself, turns out i hit spots 5 and 6. now i ask you, why would someone be looking for that? Is that some kinda gay porn thing? The search referenced a couple of different entries of mine. Go figure, if all those words are in your search you might my site. Sorry guy**, no one named matt got his cock out infront of scott here. Maybe next time. In fact i don't think i even know anyone named Scott...

Weird, also got a hit off the search "pictures of girls wearing low rise jeans and thong". Fuck man, if i had that on my site i wouldn't have to go out side and see all the gross fat chicks wearing that. Go outside!!!! there's tons of girls walking the street with low rise jeans. You don't have to sit in your basement, dick in hand, searching shit like that. Warm another seat in hell for that guy...

**a simple whois search of this persons ip gave me amsterdam as a host. I didn't even know they had aol in holland...

What the fuck was that? and other things said after sex... 

...would claw your eyes out and skull fuck you... nice man, i can almost picture that in my head. The bloody hands, and screaming country star... it works in a primal kind of way. We all need to take a moment and thank MIKE for writing that for us.

In other news i got paid today. Woo Hoo, i'll keep the dancing and devil horn waving to a bare minimun as so that i don't scare the locals.

I keep getting this feeling that i want to wear my favorite shirt to work. Oh so badly to i want to just walk into work to see the looks on the faces of the people that read shirts. I got this shirt that's black, and on the front in white (typewriter style lettering) has the work EATADICK. It's the best shirt to wear to the movies, go the bar, a concert, or even a younger brother or sisters elementary school christmas concert. Hell it's even popular with the gay community. I got a comment from a (flaming) gay guy last year; "damn i want that shirt, i could pick up everynight with it". Well so can i, thats if i was out on the town.
Which brings me to the point that i was heading to. Like a junior high school hormone driven teenager i want tale. Well i guess not to many 14 year olds are getting laid these days, but you get my point. I can't believe how long its been since i've escaped to my mini-vacation known as orgasism. And i'm not talking about the right hand special either. That doesn't count, thats cheating. It's not real if you can have it any time of the day or night. I'm talking forget the fucking world, "i can't think about anything else because its so fucking good" sex. See i have a problem. Well not a problem as much as a situation i've been living with for a couple of months. I'm lonely. Not because i did anything wrong, but because my girl went to europe. Went to all over europe for a while. And by while i mean oh 3 months or so. Not that i was counting but it was 91 days... Not that i was counting! She's coming home again soon. Oh baby, oh baby. Next week she comes home.
Now another problem as presented its self to me. When i say she's coming home, that doesn't actually mean that she's coming here to me. She lives in Red Deer. Which is a 70 minute drive, (45 if you have a real good reason to be there now) and my problem lays in a few areas. 1) i have no car. Now she does have a car and she can come drive here but 2) i work nights. Which wouldn't be such a problem if i didn't 3) sleep during the day and stay awake all night. I know that I'm going to see her in a couple of weekends, but i have this underlying fear that i'm going to be so damn tired that all i do is stare at her and creep her out. Then again the feeling of actually having someone back in my life that i'll let touch me would be enough to wake me right out of this stuper i've been in since may. But i also told her i wouldn't talk about her on this blog. So sorry y'all, but this is all the emotion about her that you're going to get from me today.

My dog's giving me that look of "you better go to bed so that i can steal all the bed space the eventually push you to the edge of the bed so that you fall off and wake up and kick me off the bed so that the cycle can start again" face.

Oh yeah, props to sociopathocracy for mentioning me on his web page. i get more and more hits everyday, it's people like chris that make it happen. Thanks

Cowboys shouldn't die, cause they're damn near extinct as it is 

Country music . . . it blows. What else can you say about it. You have a bunch of wannabe's dressed to the nines in fucking hats and boots, whining about shit. Every country band has tried to liven things up by trying to add rock to their country, and it really comes off half assed. There's no balls, no heart, no soul. Just another song about a truck. I get really pissed off at country artists doing covers of rock songs. Sing/play rock! Live it for christs sake if you want to dabble in it. Nothing is worse then hearing "Take Another Piece of my Heart" or "I Don't Want to Miss a Thing" by whoever was dumb enough to think that adding country twang would put a nice spin on these tracks. Janis Joplin would claw your eyes out and skull fuck you if she had a dick, if she knew you did that to her song.

What is up with country people, wanting to be cowboys, thinking they are cowboys. The day of the cowboy are dead. I sure as shit don't see too many saloon's around here, authentic ones with poker and gunfights with a sherriff. Places to tie your horse up. Its all gone, face it. All these wannabe's think being a cowboy is romantic? My grandpa was a cowboy, he ranched, you know what he said "There was never anything romantic about being a cowboy". Being a cowboy is a lot of fucking work and barely any of these posers have any clue of what it takes to be one. Yeah roping a calf makes you my hero . . . bullshit. Why be a part of something thats already dead, you want cowboys go look for my grandpa or other guys like him but he's on dialysis and probably won't last much longer and I'm sure the others like him aren't far off either, get my drift?

Wednesday, July 30, 2003

Count how many times i've said fuck on this webpage... 

ok, so someone (that someone being me) decided today: "holy fuck am i ever tired". So this someone fell asleep... oh a beautiful sleep filled with sex and university friends (not together, sorry guys) and drugs and other things that are currently missing from my day to day life. So, because i sleep during the day (cause i work night shift) every goddam fucking time some stupid fuck wants to call the house to sell me something i don't need, this wakes me up. Once you wake joel up, he's mad. Today however, between the times in my dreams where sex was happening, the phone rang (i swear 8 people called today), but the phone was in the other room. And if you think that i'm getting out of bed just to talk to you, you're going to be sadly mistaken. So anyways i went to bed at 8:30am. I woke up at 4:30 and the first thing i said "Damn its 4:30, fuck it i'll sleep till 5". ...At 8:30 i woke up. Woo Hoo 12 hours of sleep and i'm still dead tired. I suppose that all this sleep will make me work better a t work. Although i don't see how working better at work will make me any happier.

So anyways its 9:30 and i need to eat some kind of meal before heading it to work for another fun filled evening of Kyle the human wastoid... fucking kid wouldn't answer me if i was all "hey look, its a thousand dollars, i'll get it all to you if you can make one complete sentence without mumbling"

yeah and the saga of my life continues

Tuesday, July 29, 2003

OK, so i'm still homeless but things are looking up 

So, i drove all the way up to this house (1 hour) and knocked on the door. No one home. Knocked again. The girls that live upstairs tell me that no one is home, check back in an hour. I go to the mall, waste an hour. Go back to house. Knock on door. No one home. Joel is now very pissed off. Comes home. Calls the owner of the house. Give the owner the old "What the fuck is going on?" routine. I tell him, i have 3 guys that want to move in, One lives in Ottawa, One lives in California, and they need to know about this soon. He becomes very nice to me. "oh i can show you the house tommorow at 1pm". No thats when i sleep. "I can show the house at 4pm on friday". Damn straight you will. I'm going back on friday. First impressions where good. Clean yard, garden, patio furniture nice neighborhood...

So i'm going back on friday. I better get this place, i've put a lot of fucking effort into it. That and the fact that i guilted the guy that owns it over the phone never hurts either. I also dropped the "we're all 3rd year students bomb on him too, he seemed to like that"

I will not get my hopes up... (repeat with me) I will not get my hopes up...

Does don have a place to live? this just popped into my head.

Hmmm Office Space 


What Office Space character are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

Damn, i wanted to be the guy that says "PC load letter? What the Fuck does that mean???"

The housing situation... 

Well as most of my close friends know by now, if my luck doesn't get any better Allan, Will and Myself are going to be homeless in a months time. So, will i get on my horse to find us a place this little gem fell into my lap today:

3 BR house main floor 9812 - 84Avenue $ 900
rent negotiable; deposit $800 Included utilities:
walk to U of A more info
Carl Eckert 780-476-8218 Aug 1.

I'm going to see it this afternoon. I'll take the camera again, and if it looks nice inside i'll post some pictures. Right now i'm pretty much to the point that if its good i'm taking it. Fuck waiting to find the perfect place. Oh, and it's on a monthly lease, so we'd only pay for the months that we live in it. Wanna move out end of april, no prob, we only pay till april.

Ok, i will no get myself pumped for this. It's probably a dive. It's probably taken already...

Wish me luck... Oh course elizabeth told me today that i can just live with her if the floor falls out from underneath me... Sweet!

I will still get this place. It's walking distance from school too. None of that buying a bus pass shit for me.

I don't have much to say... 

So, i'm tired and don't feel like typing. So here's a cut and paste job from a forward i got this morning. Thanks Keely...

Reasons Why English is so Hard to Learn!

1) The bandage was wound around the wound.
2) The farm was used to produce produce.

3) The dump was so full that it had to refuse more refuse.

4) We must polish the Polish furniture.

5) He could lead if he would get the lead out.

6) The soldier decided to desert his dessert in the desert.

7) Since there is no time like the present, he thought it was time to present the present.

8) A bass was painted on the head of the bass drum.

9) When shot at, the dove dove into the bushes.

10) I did not object to the object.

11) The insurance was invalid for the invalid.

12) There was a row among the oarsmen about how to row.

13) They were too close to the door to close it.

14) The buck does funny things when the does are present.

15) A seamstress and a sewer fell down into a sewer line.

16) To help with planting, the farmer taught his sow to sow.

17) The wind was too strong to wind the sail.

18) After a number of injections my jaw got number.

19) Upon seeing the tear in the painting I shed a tear.

20) I had to subject the subject to a series of tests.

Let's face it - English is a crazy language. There is no egg in an eggplant nor ham in hamburger; neither apple nor pine in pineapple.

Sweetmeats are candies, while sweetbreads, which aren't sweet, are meat.
But if we explore its paradoxes, we find that quicksand can work slowly, boxing rings are square and a guinea pig is neither from Guinea nor is it a pig. You park in the driveway but you drive on the parkway.
You ship by truck and send cargo by ship. How can a slim chance and a fat chance be the same, while a wise man and a wise guy are opposites?
You have to marvel at the unique lunacy of a language in which your house can burn up as it burns down, in which you fill in a form by filling it out and in which an alarm goes off by going on.
When the stars are out, they are visible, but when the lights are out, they are invisible.
And finally, how about when you want to shut down your computer you have to hit "START!!

Oh, and Don here's some pseudo-porn for you, i know you like this kinda stuff

Monday, July 28, 2003

Jen you still haven't picked a prize yet... don't you want something?

Marilyn Manson, Traffic Cops, Ignorance and other things which grab my attention 

Ok, so i just finished watching a video for a cover marilyn manson did of the song "tainted love". The song, for all you peoples that still belive in supporting the music industry can be found on the "not another teen movie" soundtrack. What i found interesting about this song is how human marilyn manson looked in a hot tub scene. I mean he's still really fucking pale for a white man that lives in LA, but still. Put him dancing with a hot girl in a bikini and you stop thinking that this man is the antichrist and start thinking he's just another rockstar. One with some fairly cool tattoo's too. He never fails to amaze me. Manson really has his ideals cemented into his brain. And he knows what he's talking about, believes what he's saying and has the info to back up anything dumb that comes out of his mouth. I'm in complete awe that manson had the balls to sit down with "stupid white men" creator Michael Moore. Never in a million years would i think that a fat, gun toteing, right winger would ever get an interview with Manson. Let alone get such intelligent things out of the rockstar. "i don't think those kids need anyone else talking to them. They just need someone to listen to them" possibly the smartest words to come out "Bowling for Columbine". Except for maybe Moore's comment "the boys went bowling just before shooting up the school, maybe we should ban bowling too".
Anyways back to the song... The song kicks ass, the video is funny (for once) for a manson video. Go, go now, listen to the song, find the video... Go dammit!

If you're still here you're not listening to me...

Right and while on the topic of things that people can do that annoy me let me bring up photo radar. Whoever thought "hey lets make the polices job easier by giving them an unbiased speed checking system" can go to hell. GO STRAIGHT TO HELL, do not pass go, do not collect $200. Now (knock on wood) i've yet to get one of these tickets, just fact that the city of wetaskiwin is putting up even more of these speed traps is pissing me off. Do they really cut down on speeding? Or do they jam our court systems up with useless dribble about how "i was being passed by this other car in the picture, so really you should be giving him the picture... blah blah blah". Just do what vancouver did and give up. Stop trying to stop speeding with a camera. Start getting more cops on the road. You know how useless this whole cop situation is (and the reason this is on my mind right now). I saw 3 cars run stop signs today. And i drive home from work at 7 in the morning. 3 people ran stop signs, i saw 7 cars on the drive home. I only had 6 stop signs to go through. That means that at half the stops i did today, if i hadn't of stopped i would have been hit. And you just know that the guys driving the cars are the "still drunk" lowlives that get kicked out of the bar at 6:30 or so, and then drive their drunk asses back home, through town. This shit town needs a wake up call. And i think the cops can make more money handing out $500 fines for running stop signs than fighting for every cent from photo radar.
Oh and another thing, everyone knows the cops use that ugly red gmc safari van, you weren't fooling me from the start

I'm tired and getting cranky... i'm going to bed. Maybe tommorow i'll add an explicit content sticker to my blog.

Actually i'm going to do that right now while i have the link handy

Church and Children 

I'm starting off with some more thoughts on this marriage thing that Carri and Krista love to bring up every 2 or 3 days. Sorry Siobhan but this'll be good stuff, trust me I'm sick of it too. I talked with my friend Phil who had some interesting points. I don't know if many people actually get married cause they actually want to get married, or get married to the person to which they take to the alter. I mean think of all the divorced there are now. I think a lot of people think of marriage as a thing to do, something you have on your list, like a shopping list. You graduate Highschool, go to college/university, find someone you like and who likes you, finish your school, get a job, get married, get a house, have kids. . . see what I mean? Its just trivial now a days, or the attitude towards that union is nowhere near as sacred as it should be. Maybe marriage will become a fad or trendy, maybe it already is.

My Aunt got a big surprise on Sunday. My Uncle (married into family), surprised her by taking her to this cowboy church and having a band play and a preacher? (he looked like a confederate soldier) They renewed their vows. Now I think thats kinda sweet, kinda pointless though. But the thing that bugged me was the band leader, this guy was Mr. Numbnuts himself . . in the flesh. Part way through their set he starts relating his life story or part of it anyways. Turns out he's a born again Christian and found faith back in 83 or 86 (I don't really care which year it was you psycho). But he found a way to stop smoking pot and praise the lord, fanfuckingtastic (thats for you Joel). I thought it was pointless and pretty well inappropriate for the gathering. No one cares what the fuck you went through jackwad, we came here to celebrate someone's marriage lasting 25 years! If that wasn't bad enough this guy had the most ingenious prayers and blessings to say at the end of the music. "God bless this place, God bless the food, and God bless the whole thing". The whole thing? What the fuck is that? Sounds like a cop out to me, maybe he's itching to grab the grass again. But seriously does that sound sincere to anyone? God bless the whole thing? Get a dictionary, and a brain, maybe read the bible dumbass. I mean I don't go to church or even believe organized religion is a good thing and I could come up with a better blessing or prayer then that. But then again what can you expect from a guy who people call Sharky. What a tool.

Sunday, July 27, 2003


I'd like to rant about a subject that was brought to my attention through a search that led someone to my site. Ok the search term: "girls camrose stage 13". Now i'm a guy, and i like breasts and naked women as much as the rest of the general population. but i have some serious problems with assholes that go to concerts to see naked chicks. Goddam people, can't you get her naked on your own account. How fucking low does one have to go before you're searching for that shit in the internet. On top of that, what kind of asshole would post pictures or accounts of that shit on the internet. This really pisses me off. That and the asshole was local. Well whoever it was, was using a local DSL internet connection.

See i've never really found it hard to get a companion. I seem to have this knack for being able to "hook myself up". Whatever. The point is, these people that go out of their way to seek out this kinda stuff just bother me.

You kinda people suck, if you want cheap porn, there's tonnes of it out there, don't prey on teenagers with their shirts off in a mosh pit... Pricks

What a way to wake up 

If at any point in my life anyone other than my mother wakes me up with a vacuum, i'm gonna kill you. I just want to make that clear. I can't stand the sound of a vacuum. It cuts through me like a hot knife through butter... Now i'm angry and tired. Not such the great mood to be in when i start my work week in a wonderful 3 hours or so.

My parents are the types of people that will save every single box and every single piece of that shitty packing styrofoam from every electronic thing that they have ever had. I swear to you we have at least a dozen computer boxes stacked in the basement. Floor to ceiling, we look like a goddam dell warehouse in here. Anyway all these boxes are stacked up in the room outside of my bedroom. Back in the day we refered to this room lovingly as "the family room". Now it has become "Joels computer room/Random storage room". Today i wonder out of bed in to this room (where my mom was vacuuming) to realize that all the boxes of electronics that we don't own or use anymore are gone. Logical i know, but this isn't how my family works. We'd keep the box for whatever reason. So somethings wrong here. Something is really really wrong if we're throwing out (recycling) all these boxes. The last time my family did something like this we ended up moving from Vancouver to Wetaskiwin (the middle of fucking nowhere).

I'm tired, i'm hungry, i have no coffee in the house. Today is going to suck.
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