My goods

Full system This is what my current mini network looks like. In theory both computers would talk seamlessly to each other. Which is not the case. Maybe later...

laptop Oh yeah, just looking at that makes me happy. This is my laptop, currently the second most important thing in my life... Running a Dell Inspiron 500m, 1.3ghz intel centrino, 512mb, pretty basic, low end, student friendly ($) laptop. Note my wireless access point behind the laptop. Yes i can (and do) surf and blog while sun tanning outside.

devil horns I included this picture to show that i put red devil horns on my computer. It's evil, everything about it is evil. That's why i love it so much... Oh yeah, two year old dell system. I'm not totally sure on specs, but 1ghz, 128mb, cd burner (i am part of "the problem") and my optical mouse (not visible), oh and its a fucking sweet mouse too.

In my dad's home office there's the digital camera, the web cam, the scanner, the printers, the iPaq sync, and thats not counting the damn machine. Its a Dell (go figure eh?) 3Ghz, 1gb ram (not kidding), dvd/cdrw combo drive, normal dvd drive (both for what reason i don't know), 19" flat screen moniter, the list goes on... he could have put me through school thats all i have to say. Included adobe photoshop, thats were i do my photo editing.

On my laptop i run the following things:
Mozilla 1.4
Trillian 0.7
msn 6, for games...
Win XP
1024 x 768 (which is what the page is made for) screen resolution, true color
I used blogspot for the page setup, now stolen and used for all pages (sorry)
Blogger for blogging
Blogpatrol for watching you...