Friday, August 08, 2003

Friday night... 

Gets my freak on? Cue the 70's porn music...

I'll be back sunday, i promise

Doh dee oh doh 

Well how about something to pass the time while Joel gets his freak on this weekend?'s_lair/flash/lobstermagnet.html
You know whoever made this is seriously my hero. Gotta love the old Ramone's style rock n roll with the lyrical sense that Rob Zombie utilizes.

There is a special girl coming today... 

So my girl friend who has been in europe for the past 3 months is coming to visit me for the weekend. So it shouldn't come as any big surprise if i don't blog as much this weekend as compared to previous weekends. Hmm girl... (i'm not drooling, i promise)

To excited to sleep, not good

Talk to all of you later

Thursday, August 07, 2003

I wanna just quit work and move away 

I've desided that i'm going to quit work, get a couple tattoos, move out of the house and continue my life under the assumed name of "Jay". How does that sound? I figure over time, after i get over the fact that i lost all my friends and my parents disowned me I'd be better off. See i'm in a rut right now. Stuck going to work every night. Stuck dealing with my parents (I'm 20 for fucks sake, what the hell am i doing at home? free food...). Stuck doing everything i hate to do. All i wanna do is sit in bed and do nothing for like a complete week. Get all my anger out, and then move on preparing myself for school again. This is kinda sad how this works though. I have to go to work until the very end of the summer. Everyone else is going on holidays and quitting work a week before me. I on the otherhand have no student loans and am stuck at work until the bitter end. I can't handle this, i would rather have a huge debt after university than be this unhappy for the rest of august. I see it as a fair trade. However i'm stuck because i can't get any student loans because my parents make too much money per year and they refuse to co-sign my loans. Great, they have basically damned me to a summer of unhappiness. Oh thats just fucking great...

The only bright spot of work is john. Poor confused John, wants to find out what he's all about. I don't know, he's crazy. That's my take on things. i used to work with him at a grocery store. This one day at work he desided that he wanted to listen to KISS over the speaker system in the grocery store during regular store hours. So he the next day he came to work with a copy of his "psycocircus" cd. Threw that motherfucker in the cd player and then admired his handy work as the customer service girls went crazy trying to turn the cd off. Now why would John do such a thing. I dunno, he does whatever the hell he wants. And still he hasn't gone to jail for longer than a few hours (there was the "throwing rocks at indians" problem one time...). See John never really gets in trouble for the things he does. So he doesn't stop doing them. On the otherside of the coin, John makes tonnes of friends because he's always entertaining. And i give john that, he entertains me at work.

i'm going in to work early tonight for no other reason than to get out of this damn house and away from the parents.

the difference between going to work early and stay at home is like a shuttle flight from NY to washington, either way you're still going to hell

Wednesday, August 06, 2003

I feel angry... 

Now i'm sitting in my basement, infront of my computer. I've been in this position for a couple of hours now, getting up to only find some food, hmmm grain veggie feed eggs... Anyways after reading biogeeks page about computer repair and general care i desided it was time for me to change things around here. Well not the website, thats too much work, i mean here as in my basement. I changed my screen resolution from 1024 by 768 to 1280 by 1024. Which is a huge difference to say the least. I love the huge screen area. I'm currently running my mozilla firebird window, a word document and msn all at the same time. All viewable on the screen at one time too. Oh so good, almost good enough to make me come, i'm holding back the urge. The only problem is that i have to redo all the settings on my moniter. Placement, centering all that jazz. That and you wouldn't believe how fucked up most webpages look with a full screen viewing with such a high resolution. So many words, so small lettering. I have to sit closer to my computer now to make this work. But its worth the effort.
My laptop however only accepts screen resolutions up to 1024 by 768. Which is fine i suppose, the screen is a full 3 inches smaller on my laptop (17" vs 14.1") but it still bothers me that i can't put my resolution higher on my portable. Is there anyway to over ride something and make the resolution better? Probably not, but if there are any geeky computer types out there that know an answer to my question please tell me. I want my cake and eat it too. Because really whats the point of cake if you can't eat it?

To add to the list of "They will sell anything on the internet"... 

Yeah, so i bet you were asking your self "Self, i want a mullet, but i don't a) have the lenght, b) don't really wanna cut my hair" there is now an answer for all of you. can supply you with what you need. Please note that the female mullets are out of stock due to the overwelming demand for them. The world is fucked, truly fucked. Kudos to sociopathocracy for posting this. In other sociopathocracy news he's starting to rival biogeek for the most referals to my site.

Don't ever try to give me a motivational speech 

Fuck do i ever hate motivational speeches. My boss gave the "fillers" a motivational speech about teamwork yesterday at about 3:45 am. Thanks Ron, at 3:45 you should be fucking happy that i didn't laugh in your face about your speech. And what was the topic of this oh-so-arousing talk? teamwork. Teamwork is complete and utter bullshit. We work in a fucking warehouse in the middle of the goddam night. There isn't anyone around, and when you run into someone you stop and talk with them because if you don't you'll go absolutly completely insane. Ron doesn't understand that. I guess the problem with work last night was that some parts of the warehouse were hours ahead of other areas. Which didn't see as a problem because my area was easily 3 hours ahead of the slowest groups. So we all got the "I need to see more teamwork" speech. Thanks Ron, you really know how to make my shitty night at work even better. If i even cared... I just went off to a different area and wasted the rest of the night wondering aimlessly around in first gear. That'll prove my point... yeah right

Anyway i just wanted to write up the point that telling me to work with team is a losing battle. There may be no "I" in team but there is a definate "me" presence.

Tuesday, August 05, 2003

Just another reason i live 2 parallel lives 

I live 2 lives. One life i call "home life". One life i call "school life". Home life is me being treated like a 14 year old. I sit around in the house, i never leave, i have to call if i go anywhere. And as i found out this evening, i'm also required to answer the phone here at home. Just incase someone has something really really important to say. Even though the only person that calls the house nowadays is my mom anyways. School life consists of me doing nothing. I just go to class and the rest of the time i fuck around watching tv, or surfing the internet, or hanging with the boys, or spending quality time on my back with my girl. I really really love my school life. It's so relaxing, i don't have to do anything i don't want to do and i'm happy for that. Here at home i get treated like i'm back in high school at home, and i work at a place thats no better. I'm really really close to just freaking out and running away. Where will i run away to, who knows.

To sum up the parts of my day let me explain what i did (homelife) and what i would have done if i where back living in edmonton away from this hell hole known as Wetaskiwin:

1) got up to go to bank, walk to bank, do bank things, walk to music store, hate music store, walk home (homelife).
(schoollife) --> get up go to bank, do bank things, go to music store, bask in wealth of knowledge in music store, walk to coffee shop, have coffee, walk home

2) come home, turn on tv, dad napping to he tells me to turn off tv, grab food retreat to basement, hang with computer friends (homelife)
(schoollife) --> come home, watch tv, veg out eating crackers, swap useless info with Allan

3) so tired so bored i fall asleep, 2 different people call i don't answer either (both mom) wake 2 hours later play guitar (homelife), mom comes home tells me how unhappy she is that i didn't answer the phone, also tells me to turn off the guitar
(schoollife) --> Elizabeth comes over, fall asleep, 2 people call don't answer either, wake 5 hours later, play guitar, another call from mom (wanting to know where i am) goes unanswered

4) go grocery shopping with mom, buy groceries, go to A&W (gag) for supper, come home, talk with mom, retreat to basement start blogger (homelife)
(schoollife) --> go grovery shopping with boys, buy groceries, go to coffee shop (hmmm more coffee), talk with whoever, blog

5) go to mind numbing job for 8 hours (homelife)
(schoollife) --> have mind numbing sex for 8 hours

6) sleep alone (homelife)
(schoollife) --> sleep with girl

Now, i can breathe a huge sigh of relief 

So through the past 3 weeks i went from not caring that i didn't have a play to live, to trying to find a place to live and finding a hell hole, to finding a place but getting screwed, to where i am today. Today i paid the damage deposit, which i hope to get back. And which i fully expect that i will get back. As long has no visitors fuck the place up, or Allan doesn't blow the fucking windows out with some chemistry experiment gone wrong. I have claimed the master bedroom for a number of different reasons. First, i figure because i did all the work and all the effort in getting this place i deserve it. Secondly i have tonnes of crap i'm hauling to edmonton that i need to live. And thirdly and as i see it most importantly, the master bedroom is off and separated from the other bedrooms, sharing a wall with the kitchen and bathroom only, and on the corner of the house, which is of the utmost importance for my girl friend and I to have the privacy that we oh so deserve.

On the subject of Elizabeth she comes home tomorrow. WOO HOO!!!!!! i'll limit my fist pumping and dancing to a minimum for all of you

I stopped in on Wetaskiwin's little shitty music store this afternoon after paying the damage deposit. It's almost sad that crap he's selling on this town. He's got probably 20 guitars all samik. And then he's got 2 martin acoustics behind the counter. If you take the value of all the crap guitars he's got, they don't even add up to the value of one of those martins. Just fucking stupid, obviously didn't take any business classes. Then again he's probably happy doing what he is doing, where i on the other hand am an angry young adult, educated and working the most mind numbing job man could invent. I don't use my brain ever at work. Maybe when i'm walking, just because i don't like pain, so i don't walk into shit. i firmly believe that i get dumber by going to work now. Not a problem keeping in mind i was never really that smart as it is...

Big Valley happened this past weekend, which is the country version of Stage 13. Done at the same venue and everything. Anyway this year the weather behaved and apart from 20 000 completely drunk country folk i hear it was a blast. Everyear the only advantage of Big Valley is the girls. Oh the sweet alberta girls. I swear they just go to tempt the boys. Anywho a couple years ago i know a girl that had her picture taken at Big Valley and the picture ended up on the front page of the Edmonton Sun newspaper. Funny thing was that he called in sick that day to work. Fired the next morning, but worth every bad reference. So i guess there is a story here: anything worth doing is worth doing badly. Or thats what i've learnt from this story

Eat your heart out slipknot. I find this picture funny that this kinda thing still happens. It you're in a band, i know it can be artsy to do your own thing, but this is just a little to weird for my weird scale. heads up to jen for this.

have you ever been sitting in your living room wondering what other people think about rim jobs? Probably not, but if you do wonder what a bunch of other people feel on the subject check out the comment on this blog. i find the idea of asking questions like this funny. People answer, how truthfully is another question, but the answers are entertaining none the less. I'm still laughing, " Balls: Deserving of more pleasure, or basically unimportant?" ummm... although treated as though they are unimportant, i have to say deserving of more pleasure, just remember, i dont' want to be part of a boys choir...

I bet you were just thinking "if i were to compare suge knight to Jesus how would i go about doing it". You'd do it like this. Props to No Rock and Roll Fun and Throwing Things blog. I feel like a cheap whore paying out the pimps at the end of the night...

"Oh he pointed his toes, oh this guys a tremendous athlete..." 

I'm still listening to Jerry Seinfeld "I'm telling you for the last time". This guy is so funny. He's got the attitude that i strive to achieve at some point later in life. Well i'm super tired, so i'm going to bed, i have to get up early to go to the bank. *shudders*

Monday, August 04, 2003

MSN Messager 

So i was fucking around with my s&m messager (oh wait i mean MSN, oops) and i changed my sounds. Now when people sign online, i get the first couple seconds of the vines song highly evolved singing "I'm feeling happy, so highly evolved". Ironic i know. And i also changed my new message sound to jerry Seinfeld saying "Hello Newman". Both sound bites i can proudly say i took off cd's i own. and all this was able to happen due to CDex. Which i got off If you're ever really bored and looking for interesting software to add to your computer check it out. With a couple more cd's and some more time my computer's going to be swearing at me everytime something goes wrong.

"i'm feeling happy, so highly evolved, my time's a riddle that will never be solved"

Oh yeah, i'm fucking with the system, screw the man!!!! - News -Nirvana Bassist To Rock No More - News -Nirvana Bassist To Rock No More, Man this is so sad. I really feel for krist. Although i have to say this guy has the right attitude. The whole if i can't win, i'm not giong to try this works in this case. Probably the best line this whole article is "And Eyes Adrift was adrift at sea before it began because no one was ready to hear rambling country rock from the man who used to play hook-filled noise and smash his instrument to bits onstage." True, very true. Although i'm sad a the news that Eyes Adrift has quit, i'm proud of Krist for having the piece of mind to get out before making a complete ass of himself. I'm pulling for you man, in whatever you choose to do. Thanks to no rock and roll fun for the heads up on this.

We got the fucking house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

I am no longer homeless at the end of the month. This is so good. I got woken up at 2:30 this afternoon to be told that i got the place, as long as i pay the damage deposit asap. Which snapped me from nirvana back to the world. This house rental is good for me, but a business for the owner. Which kinda puts that "shit eating grin" on the face of my landlord.

I'm really really tired, now that i'm relieved i'm going to bed.

I'm gonna sleep like a baby
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