Saturday, August 23, 2003


So tonight elizabeth came over. Dinner and a movie. Classic.

On the topic of the movie we rented "two weeks notice". Better than i expected. Gives me the idea of playing strip chess. But i don't know anyone that i want to get naked and play chess with.

Oh well, can't win them all i suppose

Friday, August 22, 2003

analyze me please 

The following is a list of the current media in my life. I know that most of you don't know anything about me other than what i write on this site. I'm a firm believer that what you surround yourself with is what shapes you into the person that you are. So please tell me something about me, based on what i've been surrounding myself with:

The White Stripes - Elephant
Bowling for Columbine
Radiohead - Hail to the Thief
Pete Yorn - Day I Forgot
Nirvana - Essential Nirvana (greatest hits)

And yes i own/bought all of these

Welcome to the fucking weekend 

It's friday. Which means for me, that i just worked 5 straight days. Not bad, i made it to work everyday on time (for the most part). And even more importantly i didn't kill anyone at work. I did however drop a 50lb box 20 ft to the ground, but it missed all humans. I can't be too sure it didn't kill ants/flys/mice/bats/moths, or anything else we have in the warehouse. But its friday morning. And i have work tonight again. Yes Joel is one fucking stupid bitch when it come to money. How can that be you ask? Here's a pretty good example. I have to find $4800 or so for tution. I have currently $3800. I only have one more pay check, and i get $800 a paycheck. That leaves me $200 short. So i'm going in to work overtime tonight. Which will earn me an extra $108. With this extra $108 i'm going to buy a couple cd's, take my girl out for supper and probably at the end of it i'll spend $100. Leaving me with what?

A happy girl and i very very tired Joel. Thats just fucking great. Actually i'm looking forward to the "not working time" this weekend. And i can see myself going without sleep to get everything done this weekend that i need to get done. Which isn't a good idea. But what the hell, i can sleep when i'm dead.

I still have this 8 hrs of overtime friday night. Those shit-eatting assholes at work better acknowledge my lack of friends and a real life. It takes a real loser to not have to give up any plans to go to work at 10pm on a friday night. I'll be so happy i might not know what to do with myself. I'll just write notes and letters and place them in the boxes that get shipped all over western canada. Thats the only good part of work. Sending little notes with "hi, it's 4:30am right now, sorry about the messy packing but i can barely keep my eyes open", or my personal favorite "if there's 12 in a box why did you order 13?". Its truely amazing what will happen at work when the employee just doesn't care if they keep their job...

And while i'm ranting about work let me move to another topic: People that think that i care about them. Ok, there's like 5 people i like and talk to at work. Yet there's atleast 10 people that try, and try every fucking day to start a conversation with me about my life. I hear the classics like "what are you taking in school?" or "Where are you living while going to school" or my least favorite "Hey, hows it going?". Honestly people, if you're going to ask i pissed off 20 year old "hows it going?" you're not going to get an truthful answer, you're going to get the cookie cutter responce "good/fine/*shoulder shrug*/I'm still alive...". I really really hate work, and i don't like people that i know talk about me behind my back asking me how my day has been. I'd actually like to be cut off from everyone at work. Can that be done. I promise i'd get more done and i'd look happier. I wouldn't look like i am one nerve pulse away from throwing the water cooler at you.

So basically i'd like to steal some works from samir from office space "shit shit shit mother fucking shit"

Oh if swearing offends you i'm not sorry. You shouldn't be reading random blogs off in the internet. Some of us don't like our white collar lives and this is how we vent.

Thursday, August 21, 2003

One week until a move out 

One week, all i have to do is make it until friday august 29th and i can move straight out. Move into the waiting house in edmonton. I can see elizabeth as often as i want. Without fear of my parents.

I'm stuck in a very unhappy situation. Currently as it stands my parents hate my gf. Well to be more exact my mom hates the gf, my dad doesn't show emotion. It's a classic power struggle between women to see who gets my time and attention. I'm cheering for elizabeth, where my mom is trying to get her away from me. This all stems back to a couple weekends ago when elizabeth came over and spent the weekend with me. She slept downstairs in a room adjacent to my bedroom. Which i guess to way too close to me. My mom wanted her to sleep upstairs in the spare bedroom up there. Spare bedroom = really far away from Joel. So anyways my parents are still fuming over that episode, so they're not keen on elizabeth to come over this weekend and do the same. So to sum this one up we got:
NO GF = Angry "no sex" blogs... and all of us here at eyes spies and lies don't want that (i can't speak for mike though...)

So now i have to write a sad "you can't come over this weekend because my mom hates you" email to elizabeth. Not something i really wanted to do tonight. Not to mention the wrongly accused conversations i've had with my mom tonight.

Now i have two upset and angry women in my life...

Oh i got it going on now

See new White Stripes video featuring Kate Moss - NME.COM 

See new White Stripes video featuring Kate Moss - NME.COM

Oh My God, Kate Moss is pole dancing... i have to buy elephant now.

and then there's me 

I am Nothing!

Which Enemy of the Christian Church Are You?

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Watch Robert & Tim's Cartoons


I'm an Atheist!

Which Enemy of the Christian Church Are You?

Take More of Robert & Tim's Quizzes
Watch Robert & Tim's Cartoons

I think of myself as more of a scientist, but online quizzes can't be wrong can they?

Wednesday, August 20, 2003

Banks are useless... 

Today i got off work at 7am. I had to go to the bank and pay my landlord the august rent that i've been carrying in my wallet for the past few days. So i ate some breakfast, played on the computer, scanned the picture below and all around wasted time. At 9:30 i hauled my dumb ass down to the bank to do my banking. And the fucking bank doesn't open until 10. What the hell? Come on people why does the bank open at 10? That pissed me off, so i walked down to the high school and took a look at the ball diamond where Jeff was killed. Theres flowers, empty beer cans, a few burnt out candles and a tin of shoal. I suppose i should have felt really sad, but it all still doesn't seem real. Oh well, my anger for the bank kicked back in and walked back to the bank, did my banking and then went home and laid in bed thinking. Well not really thinking, just laying there passing out because i was so tired.

I was just thinking about sex again and... 

Words to live by:

Tuesday, August 19, 2003

Ever just have one of those days 

I'm really not having a great day. I don't know how not doing anything can result in a bad day but i've gotten it so far. I'm just constantly tired. Like so tired i can barely haul my sorry ass out of bed at 6pm. Thats really tired people. Now its 7pm, i ate cookies for breakfast/supper. And i'm blogging about how shitty my life has become. Only 8 more days of work. 8 more shifts and i can finally be free of the night shift.

Elizabeth (my gf) got drunk and wrote me emails yesterday. Which was probably the highlight of my week so far. She's amazing how badly she spells words after drinking. But he really hammers home her point. By typing it 4 or 5 times during the email. Oh well... at least someone's having fun. Maybe she'll come and save me this weekend. I need ideas to surprise her with if she comes to my house this weekend. Any ideas?

Fuck, some of you people are crazy 

Here's some of the most resent search terms that led people to this site (all in the past day):

- weak and powerless missing lyric (ok, i suppose you might even find that here)
- "paperbag writer" lyric radiohead (very cool, someone else owns this single too)
- 96x"Bedmonton"Btop 40 (ahh... I'm confused)
- pictures of fat chicks in low rise jeans (wtf? no really what the fuck? who wants to see that?)
- orgasism spots (if this is some 40 year old guy that can't get this wife off, i'm laughing at your misery)
- rock band harliquin (i dunno, maybe searching for a band called harliquin...)
- Dave Grohl Arm Tattoo (very cool, if you find some pics, throw them my may)
- Oh what lies behind those eyes? I could only guess. A certain way you stood apart from all the rest..." (A lyric, to some song, i don't know, don't care...)
- "nike binder" (i think a company that make's elite sport equipment should stay out of the "school supplies" side of the business...)

Monday, August 18, 2003

Moving phase II 

This evening i was able to complete phase II of my moving experience. This phase will forever be remembered as "shock and awe". For what reason it gets that name i can't think of right now. But nonetheless, it has been named.

Things moved today include:
books, cds, bedside table, 3/4 of clothes, hangers, kitchen things, tv, bunny ears for tv, shoe rack, laundry basket, shoes, roller blades, small guitar amp, and about a dozen wine glasses. Why i choose to lay claim to a dozen different wine glasses i'll never know. But i got them now. They're all my sisters old stuff. Included were 3 drinking glasses i might actually use, 5 shot glasses, set of 8 wine glasses, 12 or so different other wine glasses, 1 champage glass, and 1 magiritia(sp) glass. So this "house of class" just got a shot of class. I took my first real moments to search and play in the house. Took careful looks at all the rooms. Will's room is small, i mean real small, he'll get a single bed and a desk, his closet is useless (so he should get the closet in the hall outside of his room to use). I took a look at allans room. There is a closet thingy that holds clothes and hangers and shit like that. The doors don't close right, i'm sure a couple of drinks and some sandpaper will fix that, Or allan will learn to live with it. My room has a same type of closet thingy, its all good. I even locked the windows this evening before leaving. Just trying to not get all my stuff stolen. I met two of the girls that live up stairs, Angela and sarah maybe? I don't really remember, i do remember them looking good. Another reason this is a "House of class". Phase III should happen later this week, which should be the last move, including my bed (playground), desk, living room chair, dresser, tv stand and other guitar shit.

I feel better now, the place is now liveable. I have clothes there, i have a computer there (no internet yet) and i have all my bathroom things too (toothpaste, soap, ect). My weekend getaway is ready. Oh yeah...

Phone lines and other wonderful things 

I applied for a new phone line for "the house of class". That was annoying enough to make me never want to deal with a phone company again. Just make my phone ring and my internet work. Thats all i want, i don't want some credit reference or anything. Just do it for me. I can't understand why everything has to be so hard. I'm pissed off now, i'm going to move for stuff up to edmonton.


Far be it from me to argue Joel's writing. What he said was absolutely true. Jeff had a mouth, all the Bishop kid's were idiots but I believe them to be decent people. I know his bro Chris, he's about the same as Jeff was. Dumb but nice or decent enough. The weirdest thing about all this is at my bro's wedding (Saturday) Chris was there and just before he left I was saying goodbye and so was my sister Kate who's relatively friends with Jeff. They've gone to movies and hung out before but at any rate she asked Chris if he'd talked to Jeff lately. Chris said he had and told us what they talked about in general and how Jeff was. It is a really weird feeling (to me at least) to be talking about someone and not know that in a couple short hours the person you're talking about will be dead. I feel hella sorry for Chris too, not just their parents. I'm quite sure Chris and Jeff were close.

I love this town, seriously no sarcasm. I grew up here and had a great time as a kid. It's events like this that truly make me sad. I'm thinking its not just here though, its probably all over. I don't think people know how to raise kids anymore. I talked about this with Kevin (my supervisor) in my trailor last night. Being an alderman for our city he always gets complaints from parents about 12 year old kids running around at 2 am in the morning. His reply is "what the hell do you want me to do about it? Where are the parents?" "Either the parents are away or the kid has snuck out and needs to be disciplined." Kids lack discipline and respect now adays. I blame parents for being slack and lazy. I'm getting tired of finding less and less decent people in the world. I mean if this was even in my highschool days it would've been a fist fight and that would've been the end. Thats how you settle an argument physically. If you have a problem and it can't be rectified with words you beat the guy up and you know you won and then you move on, no grudges. Never do you pull a knife on someone in an argument. Fucking wannabe gangsters. I don't know if I've made my point as clearly as possible but I just got up. All I really have to say is what a shame.

All i hear about is people killing people 

On saturday night (sunday morning actually) probably around 3:30-4am Jeff Bishop got stabbed 7 times. He later died in a baseball diamond, trying to make it back home. I went to school from grade 7 through high school with Jeff. Jeff's Dad, Bob Bishop is the highest ranked police officer in town. Sadly i'm not surprised by this, nor am i shocked either. At 6:30am sunday morning a dead native with their throat slit (from ear to ear) was found an another ball diamond, right next to the one Jeff was found in. No one knows what really happened. But we all know its not over. We've had a gang war between the local town kids and the indians for years. Now blood has been drawn, and i get the feeling that all i'm going to hear about is people killing people for at least a little while.

Jeff wasn't an angel. He never really was one. He had a mouth that would write checks his ass couldn't cash. Thats probably what provoked this attack. I feel really badly for this parents, especially for his dad, who (as i understand) was on duty at the beer gardens (which are across a parking lot from the ball diamonds). Oh well, this doesn't really seem real. But what does anymore. No more pioneer days either. Which a couple murders hanging over this years event i doubt we're getting another next year. On top of all this, some vandals got at the carneval rides and cut all the lines and took all the bolts from one of the cars of "the octopus" (if you don't know the ride i'm sorry this won't make any sense). Anyway the ride operater did a test run on sunday morning and the ride got up and the car did one rotation before falling to the ground. The vandals also got to 2 other rides, but i don't know the details yet.

The worse part about this is that Jeff had a 8 month old son, who will now never know his father.

Sunday, August 17, 2003

Sundays Suck 

I get woken up by the parents wanting me to get my sorry ass out of bed to help them plan a picnic they are throwing this evening. However my parents have still not realized that i only get out of bed early on sunday if theres a chance i'm getting laid. And with the girl not here, i get out of bed at 4pm. I really don't have a whole lot to say today. Read Biogeek, or Sociopathocracy or The therapy sessions. Because i'm too lazy to write something myself
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