Thursday, September 04, 2003

Thursday, back in school 

I'm currently sitting alone in the physics v-wing. Wired to the internet (although i have wi-fi in the computer). Not impressed that i'm wired to this desk.

In othernews heres the rundown:
School is going well. I went to a party tuesday night at a mens frat house. I drank a gin and tonic that "was meant for the girls". Thats the quote that was thrown around after drinking it. Now either that was the single strongest gin and tonic i've ever had or i got my drink slipped with roofies. Either way i only had to drink another beer after that to feel quite drunk. Moving me quite nicely to wednesday. Wednesday - first day of the new fall term. Hungover i crawled out of my gf's bed and walked the half dozen blocks home to shower and get changed for school. Found out that my ex girlfriend is in 4 of my 5 classes this year. She has the same black MEC back that i have, she has the same stainless steel clipboard i have. Hmm... perhaps i'm just becoming paraniod. Meet from friends afterclass on the first day of school. The following walk home results in me getting stoned and then proceeding to read comics books (i don't even care about) for 3 hrs.

I love being back in school

Thursday isn't even over, i class in the morning, one class at 5pm this evening. I might change that though. Anyway heres the lowdown. i still don't have internet at the house yet although telus says it will be up and running this afternoon. It happens to be a 45min walk home from here so i guess i'll find out the internet situation later this afternoon.

i'm hungry, so i'm going home.

i keep getting weird looks from all the people around me as i type this out. hehehe they don't even have the slightest clue.

one last thing, i've been invited to guest blog on a site about the anti-christ. I posted today. I don't know if it worked to i also saved it to my hard drive. I'll post a link to the blog later (i don't even know the url)

Tuesday, September 02, 2003

I'm back... 

Well kinda back. I've moved into edmonton. Will and Allan have moved in and everything seems well. Will's parents came yesterday from fullerton and took all of out for dead cow and beer. Hmm. Interesting side note: my semen won't taste good for a couple of days because of all the meat i eat yesterday. I don't remember where i read that but i think its true. Not that it matters to any of you or anything.

I'm not exactly at home right now, but i plan on sleeping in my bed as little as i can (hint hint nudge nudge say no more say no more).


and thats all
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